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Welcome ASAE Guests

We appreciate you taking the time to Discover ATL with us and learn more about #GeorgiaFilm. Here are clips referenced on the tour and some that we may not have had time to get to with the shorter tour to and from the historic and inspiring Plaza Theatre. We are also providing some helpful links for you to learn more about what the film industry means to Georgia and vice versa as well as some of the neighborhoods and hidden gems mentioned along the way.

We will leave this page open through Saturday, August 12th so you have time to get home, rewatch, and save the links. Destination Fandom is in the process of establishing a new website and portal for all things relating to filming locations here in Georgia and around the world, allowing for self-guided fun and helping establish tours that reach a multitude of fandoms.

Email if you’d like to discuss more or have questions about things mentioned (or possibly not mentioned) on today’s tour.

01-GWCC: WandaVision

02-GWCC: Falcon & the Winter Soldier

03-GWCC: Tyler Perry’s Witness Protection

04-GWCC: Tyler Perry’s Witness Protection

05-MLK: The Walking Dead Van

06-MLK: The Walking Dead Van

07-Gulch: Captain America: Civil War

08-Russell Federal Bldg: Captain America: Civil War

09-Centennial Yards: Stranger Things

10-Nelson Street Bridge: The Walking Dead

11-Mitchell St: Black Panther

12-Mitchell St: Spider-Man: Homecoming

13-Mitchell St: Furious 7

14-Mitchell St: The Walking Dead

15-Mitchell St: Stan Lee

16-Broad St: Avengers: End Game

17-Broad St: Ms Marvel

18-Peachtree St: Spider-Man Bank Day

19-Peachtree St: Spider-Man Rainbow

20-Woodruff Park: Anchorman 2

21-Woodruff Park: Avengers: Infinity War

22-Peachtree St: Ant-Man & the Wasp

23-Peachtree St: Baby Driver

24-Peachtree St: Sully

25-Peachtree Center: Anchorman 2

26-Peachtree Center: Baby Driver

27-Georgian Terrace: Identity Thief

28-Georgian Terrace: Ozark

29-Fox Theatre: Ms Marvel

30-Fox Theatre: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

31-Fox Theatre: Pitch Perfect 3

32-Majestic Diner: Captain America 4: Brave New World

32-Majestic Diner: Captain America 4: Brave New World

34-Majestic Diner: Hawkeye

35-Plaza Theatre: Doctor Sleep

36-Jackson Street Bridge: The Walking Dead BTS

37-Jackson Street Bridge: Baby Driver

38-Jackson Street Bridge: Baby Driver BTS

39-Jackson Street Bridge: Watchmen Squid

40-Auburn Ave: Black Panther Beginning

41-Auburn Ave: Black Panther Ending

42-Marriott: Hunger Games: Catching Fire Elevator

43-Marriott: Hunger Games: Catching Fire Roof

44-Marriott: Flight

45: GA Aquarium: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

46-GA Aquarium: Pitch Perfect 3

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